The other day I was scrolling through social media watching everyones “all my successes in 2021” and “what my big goals are for 2022”. And to be honest, I became stressed and upset. They tell you to take social media with a grain of salt because people are only showing the highlight reel of their […]


January 4, 2022

How to get Started in 2022

I’m sure for most of you, as soon as you read that title your mind went to “oh I wonder what happened to her” or “somethings wrong wrong with her mentally” or “she’s got issues”, instead of saying, “I’m glad she decided to ask for help” or “she’s so strong for going.” And you see, […]


December 13, 2021

I Go to Therapy

The other day a friend of mine who recently started her own business said she felt so frustrated that she was ready to drop it all and go back to a regular job that she thoroughly disliked. She felt like her Instagram wasn’t getting the engagement she was looking for, she wasn’t growing at the […]


November 22, 2021

Never Stay Comfortable

P.S. I’m no Social Media Expert, I simply worked with one! To be totally honest, if there was one thing I never thought I would struggle with when launching Sarah Laux Web Designs, it was social media. I always thought I had a good grasp on brainstorming ideas, creating content, posting content, being as interactive […]


November 15, 2021

Prepping Content Doesn’t Have to be Hard

“Fitness Should be an Important Tactic to your Business Growth Strategies. Here’s Why…” I’m sure some of you read the title to this post, rolled your eyes and mumbled “what the fuck does this mean”. And I get it. But hear me out! This makes sense, I promise. The other day I was *overthinking everything* […]


November 8, 2021

Fuel your Passion, Physically

I’ve said from the beginning that if you have a dream career path that isn’t the typical 9-5 job… to go for it. In due time you’ll be working for yourself, having total work freedom, becoming financially independent and never having to get shit on by superior white men in power. You get to legitimately create your life.


November 1, 2021

The Ying Yang of Business

Come November 4th I will not ONLY be on a plane headed to Colorado but I will have been running my website design business for a YEAR. HOLY SHIT!?


October 25, 2021

Lessons I’ve Learned Throughout My First Year of Business

It’s no surprise that when you start a new job or endeavor that you tend to be a bit timid. You’re new to the game and learning the way things work. And for me specifically, I’ve never had any experience in Website Design. I have a degree in Exercise Science and any of my previous […]


July 30, 2021

To Charge your Worth

There are tons of platforms that can help you save time and energy with your small business and I’m here to tell you my own top 5. And no matter what your business is, this still applies to you.


May 19, 2021

Free tools to help grow your Business

When I lost my personal training job a year ago I had absolutely 0 idea how I was going to make money. Remote training was hot but most of my client’s weren’t that into it at the time. I mean I don’t blame them, we were in the middle of a freakin pandemic. And while everyone was out there receiving their unemployment for financial support, this girl (me) was not. Because I lived in Jersey but my now-former-job was in PA I was flagged for fraud which held off any unemployment (up until a month ago). So it’s no surprise when I say I was at my very bottom.

Tips and Tricks

May 10, 2021

Covid sucks. But Finding my Passion Doesn’t.