The other day a friend of mine who recently started her own business said she felt so frustrated that she was ready to drop it all and go back to a regular job that she thoroughly disliked. She felt like her Instagram wasn’t getting the engagement she was looking for, she wasn’t growing at the […]


November 22, 2021

Never Stay Comfortable

I’ve said from the beginning that if you have a dream career path that isn’t the typical 9-5 job… to go for it. In due time you’ll be working for yourself, having total work freedom, becoming financially independent and never having to get shit on by superior white men in power. You get to legitimately create your life.


November 1, 2021

The Ying Yang of Business

Come November 4th I will not ONLY be on a plane headed to Colorado but I will have been running my website design business for a YEAR. HOLY SHIT!?


October 25, 2021

Lessons I’ve Learned Throughout My First Year of Business

Since Covid hit back in March 2020, not only have small businesses been struggling, but a lot of small businesses have formed. And coming from someone who started their own small business because of losing her job due to Covid – I can tell you first hand that it’s tough. Everyone is trying to stay a float. However, years down the road with a lot of hard work and perseverance, will it eventually pay off – but that’s not the only thing that can help us get there.

Tips and Tricks

February 8, 2021

Free Ways to Support Small Businesses

It all starts with a “Call to Action.” And you might be wondering what the heck that even is. For example, if you’re selling an e-book, clothing, or even a service – you want to tell people that come to your website to go check that out. People come and go in a heart beat if they can’t find the point of your site – and we don’t want that! Adding things such as a call to action tells your viewers where to and what to do..

Tips and Tricks

January 18, 2021

5 Top Tips to create an effective Call to Action

So you finally did it – you’re taking the leap to start your own company and I am so proud of you for that! And if you don’t mine I’d like to take away at least one of the many emotions you’re feeling right now (overwhelmed). I’d like to do that by giving you a starter checklist to make sure you’re set and ready to hit the publish button.

Tips and Tricks

January 6, 2021

The Essential Checklist for Starting your own Business

If you’re reading this right now…then you’ve made your way to a website made in Showit. And I know, this website is totally awesome – or maybe I’m just biased. Anyways, Showit is a web design platform (like Wix and Squarespace) but better, way better! And let me tell you – I’ve used a few web design platforms back in my day but nothing compares to the features. And speaking of features – let’s get right into it!


January 6, 2021

Showit? Show what? Show huh?