The other day a friend of mine who recently started her own business said she felt so frustrated that she was ready to drop it all and go back to a regular job that she thoroughly disliked. She felt like her Instagram wasn’t getting the engagement she was looking for, she wasn’t growing at the […]


November 22, 2021

Never Stay Comfortable

A lot of people who know me know that personal training was a passion of mine for the longest time. I went to school for Exercise Science knowing in some way I wanted to be involved with sports or a gym-type scenario. And post-graduation, I did just that. I got my first full time job as a personal trainer at a gym right outside of Philly. It was great, I loved it and met so many amazing people that shared the same love for fitness as I did. It felt like 1. I was using my college degree exactly how I wanted to and 2. It seemed right for me at the time!

Tips and Tricks

February 15, 2021

Why I started & How it’s Going

Having a presence online has become a prominent thing since the shut down of businesses in March. And with having an online presence comes knowing what the general population looks for when choosing who to buy from or pay their attention to.

Tips and Tricks

January 28, 2021

The Most Shocking Website Design Facts that you need to Read!

I always talk about the different platforms I use that help my business run as smooth as it can (which is ironic because it’s never smooth when you’re starting out lol). However, this specific platform is one that I don’t think anyone knows about as well as doesn’t believe it’s true.


January 26, 2021

Unsplash – If you don’t know now you know